SAP Enterprise Risk Management Solutions

AuditBOT ABAP Add-On Solutions Overview

SAP License Saver Tool

Guaranteed up to 40% SAP License savings

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GRC Compliance Tool

SAP SOD risk analysis for both SAP users and Roles

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Process Controls

40+ controls to detect fraudulent doc postings

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Role Automation Tool

Create and manage 1000s of Single, Composite, Parent & Derived Roles

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Help Desk Tool

Real time tracking and Reporting on Executed TCodes during Elevated Access

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Master Data Analyzer

Real time tracking on IMG and Master data changes

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12 +


$ 30 M +

License Savings Realized

$ 10 M +

Fraudulent Postings Detected

15 +

ABAP Solutions

SAP License Management Tool

The AuditBOT License Management tool analyzes all the users in the SAP system(s) and identifies the amount of time each user spends including executed TCodes in the system. From this data, the tool recommends precise license type for each user especially Professional users which is very expensive.


100% License compliance as well as 100% License Optimization


Precise License recommendation for every SAP user and SAP Role


Minimize Ongoing SAP License Administration Overheads


Indirect Usage Tracking and recommendation

Certifications & Recognitions

( Get Your Compliance Reports ) SAP License Optimization - SAP Risk Analysis SAP Process Control

SAP SOD risk analysis for both SAP users and SAP Roles

200+ External auditing standard Risk rule

Mitigation Controls at the user and role levels

Automation of SOD violating Roles / Users cleanup

Process Control

AuditBOT Process Control is a powerful simple solution to monitor data and transactions in SAP ERP and detect fraudulent errors in procurement, accounting, inventory, sales, and other business areas.


40+ process controls in various business modules

Increased transparency around business processes

Risk reduction – by sending automatic notifications

Automation of control monitoring

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