AuditBOT SAP Risk Sensing Stays Ahead

AuditBOT SAP Risk Management Solution helps to maintain audit compliance within finance, internal audit and IT organizations. Whether it is during the business day, overnight or over a weekend, AuditBOT continually checks for any risks embedded into the SAP Systems. It transforms the IT director from a Monday morning quarterback to the leader of a winning team in the SAP audit compliance game. AuditBOT SAP Risk Management software suite helps companies to spot and counter the risks instantly so that they do not impact the budget with large remediation expenses and avoid huge audit clean up fees.

The mission of AuditBot: Reduce SAP Risk

  • To be a single source provider for SAP Risk-management
  • To increase audit compliance and save client’s money
  • To discover and analyze the client’s needs
  • To advise clients, to deliver and implement SAP risk management solutions which meet each client’s unique needs
  • To train clients to sustain and maintain the success of the SAP Risk management solutions
  • To maintain the corporate philosophy and attitude to take care of people, service and profit

AuditBOT SAP Risk Control Process

AuditBOT SAP Audit tool monitors and analyzes user authorizations and keeps track of all the transactions performed in the SAP system which are sorted by the user. AuditBOT SAP Risk Solution monitors all users and all the transactions they execute in the SAP systems.

Some of the activities that can be monitored are:

  • Repeated transaction failure
  • Master user changes
  • Sensitive transaction access
  • Excessive access
  • Time spent in the system
  • System errors
  • Transport and any other system-related errors