Automate your SAP License Management with AuditBOT

Automate your SAP License Management with AuditBOT

SAP customers need to take up license audits every year. Standard SAP audit tools such as License Audit Workbench (LAW) help in the audits. And the audit data is sent to SAP SE for review. Then, SAP SE highlights any license gaps and charges for additional SAP licenses required. This might seem like a straight-forward process, however there are many pain points and challenges which SAP customers should know to ensure compliance and control SAP licensing costs. Below is an article on what are SAP license audit procedures, why a robust SAP license management is necessary, and how AuditBOT helps SAP customers with its automated SAP license management solution.


SAP Licensing and SAP Audits can be taxing and complex

An SAP Basis personnel or an SAP Security personnel analyzes the audit data from a technical perspective. The process includes using SAP measurement tools and implementing SAP procedures. Then, the procurement team conducts contract negotiations with SAP SE for new purchases.

SAP customers submitting audit results / SAP LAW reports without proper review or considering current license entitlements are at high risk of beingover-licensed. Once SAP customers buy SAP licenses it is hard to get rid of them or reduce the maintenance costs. Consequently, the SAP customers are locked in. There is a potential of millions in savings when information such as actual usage and authorization scope is available.


The need for SAP licensing solution

SAP customers struggle to maintain control because of complex SAP licensing models and manual processes. SAP customers can optimize their SAP investments by automating license management using AuditBOT’s SAP License Saver tool. SAP LAW measurements are not always accurate. In fact, there are well-known accuracy issues with SAP measurement products.

Organizations need a trustable SAP licensing solution to comply to SAP's expensive and complex licensing requirements and protect their SAP investments. Moreover, SAP licenses consumes 60% of total IT budgets. So, an SAP licensing solution is necessary to manage the SAP licenses effectively.

Organizations are vulnerable to SAP license compliance risks without a proven SAP license solution in place. AuditBOT’s SAP License Saver is the only proven solution that offers 100% automated SAP license management of entire SAP Landscape with guaranteed SAP license cost savings up to 40%.


SAP License Saver helps SAP customers automate licensing

AuditBOT’s SAP License Saver offers an automated SAP license management and SAP license compliance solution. The tool helps to analyze users in the SAP system(s) and identify the amount of time each user spends including executed TCodes. Also, the solution highlights the SAP users who are not assigned the right SAP license type. The tool simulates the reclassified SAP user licenses as per the recommendations and highlights the cost savings to the company. Besides, SAP License Saver highlights dormant users and casual users who can be either locked (or) reclassified with inexpensive SAP license types.

SAP License Saver helps to identify users based upon document postings. Consequently, SAP customers can precisely classify the SAP user license types. This allows organizations to predict and project future licensing costs more effectively and clearly.


Key Benefits of SAP License Saver

  • Guaranteed SAP license cost savings up to 40%.
  • Avoid purchasing additional SAP licenses.
  • 100% SAP License Compliance as well as 100% SAP License Optimization.
  • Precise SAP license recommendation to SAP Professional/SAP Limited Professional users, who contribute to 75% of the total SAP licensing costs.
  • Industry-leading SAP License Optimization methodologies applied.