SAP License Audit Relevant Master Data

SAP License Audit Relevant Master Data

Maintaining the SAP user Master data is critical for proper SAP License Audit.  Mainly specific elements within the SAP license audit master data of the user are very useful. This will be helpful for identifying the duplicate users and also properly assign the SAP license cost to the specific business unit.

Factors Affecting SAP License Audit

Email Address:  Duplicate user Identifications

The email address field should be populated for all the users. This will be very helpful in identifying the duplicate users in the system.   This will be very critical if the client has multiple systems. This data can be effectively used for analysis.  A client should review the user master records for missing email address and verify the email address annually. CATT Scripts or LSMW can be used to update the email address quickly.

Phone Number:  Duplicate User Identification


If the company provides a unique Phone number for each person it will be very useful to update the user master with the current and valid phone number. This data has to also be reviewed annually and updated is missed.  This may not be possible in some in some countries.

SAP License Type Assignment: Avoid being classified as Professional User

The User provisioning team should be given clear instructions to assign SAP License type to the user based on the roles he is given or the user groups assigned to the user.

User Group:  Chargeback the License cost to Organization

Assignment of User group should be made compulsory to the users in the SAP System. The user group should include location and function information so this can also help the client properly assign SAP License type

Cost Center and Account number for SAP License type:

It will be a good practice to have a unique number to these can represent a business division so you can charge back the cost of the License and have the number of SAP License type by the business division