SAP License Audit Use Case : AuditBOT's Tool for License Auditing

SAP License Audit Use Case : AuditBOT's Tool for License Auditing

As a global company tracking unprecedented growth, the needed to leave behind its manual approach to SAP License Compliance and SAP License Assignment. The company sought a cloud based solution that would make the process more efficient and minimize risk. Cloud Enabled AuditBOT tool automated the SAP License assignment and SAP license optimization based on activities performed by the user in the system financial allowing employees to step away from administrative tasks and focus more on value-added responsibilities.

Protecting your company SAP License Compliance risk requires periodic and regular reviews of your SAP user license consumption. This review process facilitates timely reporting of key risks to management and creates a risk profile and management methodology for mitigation.

Cloud Enabled AuditBOT Tool for SAP License Audit can be deployed which effectively measures and helps you manage your SAP License Consumption.

SAP License Use case

  • Automation of more than 8000 or more user accounts across multiple SAP Systems
  • Enhanced visibility for the entire finance team into real-time SAP License status and tracking
  • More consistent review and approval policies, for purchasing SAP Licenses and negotiating on existing SAP License
  • Enhanced rules documentation and standards to ensure data quality and adherence to global standards
  • Creation of a repeatable data governance framework
  • Improved trust and visibility in SAP License Count that drives business processes, leading to more informed decision making