SAP License Optimized for Compliance

SAP License Optimized for Compliance

Benefit from the economies of scale and efficiency provided by AuditBOT. Pay for only the when you see savings in your License Cost. Free SAP License Analysis report which clearly shows your SAP License Count against actually consumed. Ask about savings of up to 38% compared to not optimizing your SAP Licenses.

SAP License Audit Tool

OpEx instead of CapEx

Start an SAP License Audit with AuditBOT without any upfront cost or commitment for your SAP License Audit Report. We can work with you as a service and as needed basis agility and speed.
Get your SAP License Audit Compliance Report for multiple SAP systems in hours compared to waiting weeks or months to manually figure out the ideal SAP License type.

Stop guessing SAP License Type 

Eliminate guesswork on your SAP License needs. With AuditBOT you can clearly see the SAP license type assignment based on the activity of the users. The consolidated SAP license count from multiple systems are available in minutes.


The AuditBOT supports the standard in premise and offline SAP License Audit Process. Providing many options for installing SAP License Optimization tool gives the customer kick the tire before they purchase Automate completely

Automate the process so it is completely no manual intervention.