SAP Sod as Service and Report with Recommendations from Cloud Enabled Audit BOT

SAP Sod as Service and Report with Recommendations from Cloud Enabled Audit BOT

SAP SOD as service

The Process of SAP Risk Analysis is found to be avoided by most of  the SAP shops. This happens due to high cost of software. Time period is considered to very long for implementation. Because of this reason companies do not perform the SAP Risk analysis or do it manually using SUIM.  But this is  time consuming process and the results will not be optimal.

SAP SoD as a service we can provide the report based on your User data and Industry standard SAP Risk rule set. If you want to provide your own rule set, we can also provide incorporated rule set.

Benefits of recommendations from Cloud-enabled AuditBOT

  • Sound Decision Making: Preview the reports before you make a decision. We will provide you with the Summary report test drive before buy.
  • Family time back: No More Manual efforts on generating the SAP risk analysis reports and long hours away from the family working on the report.
  • Cost Savings: Now the expense is operational expense rather than capitol cost. Moreover it is faction of the cost.

Other Benefits of SAP SOD as service and report with recommendations:
  • Less personnel training is needed.
  • We will provide the reports, analysis and recommendations you can spend less time on training.
  • Minimize licensing new software. Stretch and grow without the need to buy expensive software licenses or programs.
  • Improve flexibility:  You can change direction without serious "people" or "financial" issues at stake Process.

We will provide a ABAP program which will be able to download the Data required for processing the risk data at the user level and role level.

Note: SAP SoD as a service and report with recommendations from Cloud-enabled AuditBOT, will help to get detailed description with recommendations. Such recommendations will help to identify some route cause of the issue, that can be easily identified and solved.