Save money & get precise license recommendation

Save money & get precise license recommendation

SAP customers should report their license agreement to SAP once every year. The only way accepted by SAP is to run standard SAP audit tools (License Audit Workbench – LAW) and to load measured data (USMM reports) into LAW and send the data to SAP for review. Then, SAP points out any license gaps and charges for required additional licenses. This might seem like a straight-forward process however there are many drawbacks which SAP customers should know to ensure compliance and control additional licensing costs.

Why should you not just depend on SAP LAW

SAP LAW (License Audit Workbench) reports only measures SAP named users based on how customers are classified. The SAP audit tool cannot identify how SAP user licenses should have been ideally allocated. Enterprises may end up buying more wrong SAP licenses when they classify SAP users inaccurately. And failing to optimize SAP users can result in significant over-licensing.

SAP LAW considers only the highest user classifications available in accessible SAP systems. The highest SAP user classifications alone are not enough for SAP licensing purposes. If you fail to classify an SAP user properly in one single SAP system, then the SAP user will be auto-assigned a Full SAP Professional license by default. SAP Professional license is the most expensive SAP application user license.

SAP LAW simply counts the number of SAP Professional users. It does not tell you how many SAP users have been accounted as SAP Professional users, just because of a vacant classification. Besides, it contributes to the unnecessary accumulation of SAP licenses. If SAP customers are licensing according to LAW data, without performing thorough checks, then they can find themselves over-licensed.

Once you buy SAP licenses it is hard to get rid of them or reduce the maintenance costs. There is a potential savings worth millions of dollars, when all parties have necessary information such as actual usage and authorization scope, as well as the best practices and processes in place.

AuditBOT SAP License Saver – Your new SAP License Savings assistant

If you think SAP license management is complicated now, then AuditBOT License Saver is here to the rescue. AuditBOT helps SAP enterprises to save money on SAP licenses. AuditBOT’s SAP License Saver is the only proven solution that offers 100% automated SAP license management of entire SAP Landscape with guaranteed SAP license cost savings up to 40%.

AuditBOT’s SAP License Saver helps to analyze all the users in the SAP system(s) and identify the amount of time each user spends including the executed Transaction codes. Consequently, SAP License Saver recommends the precise license type for each SAP user, including the expensive SAP Professional users.

SAP License Saver highlights the users who are not assigned the right license type. The tool simulates reclassified user licenses as per the recommendations. In addition, the simulation highlights the cost savings for the company. The tool also highlights dormant users, casual users who can be either locked (or) reclassified with cheaper license types.

AuditBOT’s SAP License Saver identifies SAP users based on document postings and helps to precisely classify SAP user license types. The tool allows organizations to predict and project future SAPP licensing costs effectively and clearly.

You can regularly review your SAP licensing measurements, assess potential risks, remediate risks before an audit, and avoid over-licensing with AuditBOT’s SAP License Saver dashboard.

If you are being audited right now, then AuditBOT is your right choice. SAP License Saver helps to defend and negotiate a desirable outcome for your organization and SAP SE. AuditBOT has years of experience in complying to SAP’s licensing standards, so you do not pay for unnecessary SAP licenses.

Finally, AuditBOT’s SAP License Saver helps to save up to 40% on SAP license costs and optimize SAP user license distribution. Real-time SAP user analysis and precise SAP license type classification helps companies to reduce time and license audit costs for SAP SE and decrease the annual costs paid to SAP SE.

So, what are you waiting for? Book a Free Demo today and see how AuditBOT’s SAP License Saver can work wonders for your SAP enterprise.