Save up to 40% for Your Customers on SAP

Save up to 40% for Your Customers on SAP

Every day thousands of SAP Internal Auditors face the labor intensive work of identifying SAP Licenses for the Users in the SAP Systems. When there are more than one systems, it takes careful analysis and execution.

The problem is that people in the SAP industry need a product to improve efficiency and accuracy, so they are not wasting time but using their time efficiently.

But AuditBOT solves this problem with just 3 easy inputs in one Central SAP System. An SAP Internal Auditor can now automatically calculate the number of SAP License required and also assign the right SAP License Type. From identifying the SAP licenses, classifying them and assigning them based on their Usage in all the SAP Systems. This make the SAP License Compliance quick and Easy.

Updates for SAP License Assignment changes are instantaneous. The Internal auditor can also simulate the different types of SAP License which can be used and also understanding the SAP License risk from third party Systems

AuditBOT saves days of consulting man hours and millions of dollars for both the SAP customer and the Internal Auditor. It avoids the problem of "overcharging" while saving the SAP Internal Auditor time and money and also "Under reporting", so there are no compliance issues.

SAP License Audit Tool

Our software is cloud enables which means your team can collaborate and work together with access to the SAP License audit report offline which out Installing the tool in your System..

Our goal is to expand our SAP customer base and make AuditBOT the standard within the SAP customers and SAP Consulting Companies

SAP License Cost

We have been working on this product all year...working with SAP Consulting Companies and SAP Customer creating our platform in the cloud to be used as a Service.

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