Three situations where SAP Licenses consumed can be used for SAP maintenance costs

Three situations where SAP Licenses consumed can be used for SAP maintenance costs

When Company is splitting or downsizing:

When company is spinning off a division and that division is becoming a separate entity, then you need the SAP License count so you can exactly see how many users each entity will need.  One of the companies will get a copy of the SAP System and it has to clean the data so the data of the old company is no longer in the system. Both the entities need to analyze the number of users needed. Best place to start will be HR department as they will know the exact number of employees getting paid. Then Update the users in the SAP system with the proper user group / Email.

When the Company is merging or expanding:

When a company is acquiring a new company due to merger.  If the new company has SAP Systems or when the company is expanding due to more business. Now as the company is getting more users it has to look at the user who can be optimized so it can find out how many users are already being consumed. This basically means try to harvest the SAP Licenses which are not being used before you buy new SAP Licenses.  When you negotiate to buy the SAP License you can buy the right type of SAP Licenses. If you have SAP Professionals and just need employees then it can save good amount of money.

When buying new products:

This is an excellent opportunity for negotiating the SAP License Count and gets better value for your money. SAP is much more willing to listen to you. As you buy new products you have to see if you need to buy additional SAP Licenses or can use the existing SAP License. As there is motivation from SAP to get you into new products and you have a good opportunity to bring up the issues with the old contract. But you cannot bring the issue until you have the right number of SAP Licenses being used.

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