MAS Holdings

Business Challenge

MAS Holdings company based in Sri Lanka focuses on fashion and lifestyle. It is one of Asia's largest manufacturers of intimate apparel, sportswear, performance wear, swimwear and provides specialized IT solutions to the apparel and footwear industry worldwide. With revenue in Excess of 1 Billon Dollars and more than 45000 employees...


To address its SAP Elevated Access issues, MAS implemented the Cloud Enable AuditBOT Emergency Help Desk module in just a few days. Part of the Elevated Access tool will alert the functional team when the access is fully documented. The approver and the auditors can know the reason for the user logging into the system. Insight into when a Sensitive Transaction was executed, SOD Transaction was executed and table postings were made in the system can be highlighted.


Cloud Enabled AuditBOT has greatly improved the speed, effectiveness and quality of the SAP Elevated access project. With the Cloud Enabled AuditBOT Internal auditor is involved in reviewing the request placed for the elevated access request so this process can be independently reviewed. MAS is now investigating additional Cloud Enabled AuditBOT Tools like Lock manager which can automate the user locking, SOD Analyzer and SAP User Provisioning tool.