Mead Johnson Nutrition

Business Challenge

Mead Johnson Nutrition (MJN) Company manufactures nutritional products for infants, children and expectant and nursing mothers base on Indian and USA. The company markets its products in North America, Latin America, Europe and Asia. MJN companies revenues exceed US $4 billion. Due to its size and growth of MJN Client: lacked clarity on the SAP License consumed and License management had tough time getting better grip on the situation...


To address its SAP License issues, MJN implemented the Cloud Enable AuditBOT License saver module in just a few days with the help of the partner GynSys. Part of the SAP License clean up process was to harvest the unused SAP License from multiple Production systems.


Cloud Enabled AuditBOT has greatly improved the speed, effectiveness and quality of the SAP License Compliance project. In fact, Cloud Enabled AuditBOT Emergency Help Desk tool was able to accurately track and monitor the usage of the transactions during elevated access reduced MJN's SAP License count by 26% in just one day. MJN is now investigating additional Cloud Enabled AuditBOT Tools like Lock manager which can automate the user locking.