Business Challenge

Metropolitan Fire Brigade (MFB), also known as the Metropolitan Fire and Emergency Services Board, provides firefighting, rescue, medical and hazardous material incident response services to the metropolitan area of Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. MFB's more than 2,200 employees provide services to almost three million Melbourne residents, workers and visitors and safeguard assets and infrastructure worth billions of dollars...


When Australian Government audit requirements were first introduced MFB had to manually run the reports and provide them to the external auditors. This was time consuming and very manual effort. The company needed an automation tool to intelligently filter through all the data to get important information. More over, the internal audit group also felt that they want to monitor some of the critical parameters and need to get alerted when the events happen. The Solution After a vendor comparison based on features and costs, MFB selected and implemented Cloud Enabled AuditBOT tool in 2012. The solution helped the company to automate its newly complex SAP compliance management and reporting. In addition to getting the internal auditors with the right reports, they were able to alert when specific events happened. For example, when users executed a high sensitive transaction or make a posting into a specific table with a specific document type / amount threshold.


MFB is realizing benefits across the company through Cloud Enabled AuditBOT, including 90 % less time to pull far more data for its audit and compliance efforts. Previously the auditors had to rely on the system administrators to get the right reports. Now the auditors are alerted when a specific event happens and then the auditor can investigate further. All the states required like number of transaction added and number of users created by month and number of roles created and sensitive transaction executed etc. are not on the figure tips.