Business Challenge

Petrofac based in Villahermosa Mexico became the first foreign company to operate state oil fields in Mexico for more than 70 years when it was awarded two integrated services contracts by Petroleos Mexicanos (PEMEX), Mexico's National Oil Company. The Company has more than 350 employees...


To address its SAP access, Petrofac implemented the Cloud Enable AuditBOT Log Manager and user lock module in just a few days. Part of the SAP Compliance process was to identify the transaction used by the users and automate the user locking process production systems. So the companies system inactivity policy is implemented and roles also can be remove from the roles.


Cloud Enabled AuditBOT has greatly improved the speed, effectiveness and quality of the SAP Compliance project. In fact, Cloud Enabled AuditBOT log manager tool was able to accurately track and monitor the usage of the transactions and identify the roles not being used and Petrofac’s SAP user count by 18 % in just one day. Petrofac is now investigating additional Cloud Enabled AuditBOT Tools like user provisioning which can automate the user provisioning process.