Custom GRC / SOD solution

GRC Compliance Challenges

  • A Good GRC solution with successful implementation is a key to fight against financial fraud as well as meeting SOX requirements.
  • GRC solution from Leading vendors is very expensive these days.
  • Implementation of GRC solution takes 6+ months.
  • Managing Access Control manually in SAP environment is a biggest nightmare.
  • GRC compliance cost is one of the major components in IT budget that every customer struggles to keep it down.
  • Most SAP customers have poorly designed SAP security roles which lead to numerous SOD violations resulting higher auditing and compliance cost

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Our Solution

In today’s SoX compliance environment, successful implementation of a Good GRC solution is key to prevent business fraud and achieving SoX compliance. AuditBOT GRC solution is designed to analyze, manage, and reduce more than just SAP SOD conflicts. Our solution is a complete, brilliant and sophisticated solution which is easy to implement and maintain, enabling various stakeholders of an organization to use it without requiring expensive training, or consulting. AuditBOT GRC solution identifies various risks such as SOD risk, Sensitive risk, and Auth obj risk faster, allowing SAP customers to meet SOX compliance verification requirements in lightning speed.

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key benefits

  • SAP SOD risk analysis for both SAP users and SAP Roles
  • SAP SOD risk analysis at transaction (TCode) and authorization object level
  • SAP risk analysis on the critical transactions and critical objects level (S_DEBUG)
  • Daily job scheduled in the background to collect and analyze all users and roles
  • Ability to simulate User or Role additions without making the change
  • 200+ External auditing standard Risk rule set in all business modules
  • Mitigation Controls at the user and role levels
  • Automation of SOD violating Roles / Users cleanup

Benefits for Executives

Delegate SAP security team to manage SOD risk conflicts quickly with real time analysis.


Benefits for Managers

Reduce risk compliance cost by automating SOD risk analysis and Roles cleanup at enterprise level.


Benefits for SAP security Admins

Minimize various risk conflicts including SOD risk, avoid false positives, mitigate risks and automation of SOD violating Roles cleanup


Benefits for Auditors

Run various risk reports at enterprise level to ensure that SAP users and Roles are clean or mitigated them adequately to meet SOX compliance.

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