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Current Problem

When an internal audit team wants to track the user activities in the system, typically they have to look at each log and compile them. This is a time-consuming process and not an effective SAP Controls option for internal auditors.

There leaves a lot of opportunities to miss some of the activities being performed and it is an ineffective SAP Control. Even when an Auditor pulls all the logs and does not get a single unified picture. Different logs are captured at different locations. The user could run batch jobs or batch input sessions and encounter ABAP errors.

This tool can help the internal auditor or technical team by providing a detailed view of the entire group of activities performed by the user during a given time frame. This tool is a very effective SAP Control to audit the activities of a user or group of users.

Our Solution

SAP Controls Tool In-depth Log Analysis Benefits of SAP Controls Audit Log Tool

Most of the time, the company wants to understand how many transports have been moved into the system and what types of objects have been moved. This easy to execute report allows the internal auditors and functional team to get a quick look at the transports which have gone into the system and what each contained. Then the basis team can quickly look at any critical errors and failures from all the system logs. They can easily pinpoint the errors in the system and effectively monitor the SAP Controls.


  • This SAP Controls tool can look at all the logs and pull detailed information on the user activities in the system
  • It drills down what program was run using SM35
  • It can be an effective change management SAP Controls tool while it monitors all the transports and objects moved into the system
  • It monitors all the critical table changes and system messages
  • Records the time spent in the system
  • It provides information with the click of one button

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