Process Controls

Process Controls Challenges

  • Businesses lose an estimated $3.5 billion annually to fraud and financial crime, according to the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners.
  • Process controls is a key to improving efficiencies around business processes, enhancing visibility of business risks and increasing operational effectiveness in SAP system.
  • Lack of Process controls lead to fraudulent postings in SAP systems resulting loss of revenue and higher compliance cost.

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Our Solution

AuditBOT Process Controls is a powerful and simple solution to monitor data and transactions in SAP ERP and detect errors and fraud in procurement, accounting, inventory, sales, and other business areas. Suspicious transactions and data get flagged and an alert is created. All data for this alert is stored inside the SAP ERP system. Users – managers, expert, and auditors – can access the alerts in their inbox together with relevant background information (details on vendors, materials, posting documents, etc.). Based on the users’ authorizations they get an overview of open alerts as well as details for each alert. They can update the alert and add comments and information directly in the application.

Our solution has Built-in controls, no need to spend months configuring. Get industry-leading reporting with methodologies that the largest consulting firms rely on. No costly implementation process, simply import into your SAP ERP system.

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key benefits

  • 40+ process controls in various business modules to detect fraudulent document postings
  • Risk reduction – by sending automatic notifications when exceptions occur
  • Increased transparency around business processes – by empowering business teams and internal audit groups with consistent reporting on control status
  • Automation of control monitoring – by enabling AuditBOT Process Controls to continuously monitor and report on master data, business transactions and SAP configuration changes or exceptions
  • Automation of policy management – by allowing companies to centralize and manage the process of policy acknowledgement, thus reinforcing controls

Benefits for Executives

Eliminate risks around various business processes through process controls framework that detects / alerts end user activity


Benefits for Managers

Eliminate business losses by monitoring various business process errors like duplicate vendor payments that consumes organization’s profits.


Benefits for SAP security Admins

Monitor various business processes with greater control using out-of-the-box process controls over 40+


Benefits for Auditors

Exercise continuous risk compliance to detect fraudulent postings in SAP system using out-of-the-box process controls over 40+

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