User Role Automation Tool

Role Management Lifecycle Challenges

  • Corporate Mergers and Spin off will have a direct impact on 1000s of SAP roles to reflect organizational changes in their SAP systems.
  • Corporate re-organization, Mass Role changes are expected to happen quickly without any human errors which demand additional budget, resource, manual efforts.
  • When SAP Landscape is getting bigger that demands more SAP security resources to meet the SAP security needs.

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AuditBOT Role Automation Tool Features

  • Download / Transport mass Roles before / after Role automation.
  • Create and manage 1000s of Single Roles, Composite Roles, Parent Roles and Derived Roles
  • Update Org values of customer Roles
  • Update Auth Object values of customer Roles
  • Add / Delete menu TCodes to Customer Roles
  • Generate and Adjust Customer Roles
  • User / Role assignments
  • SAP Users Creation
  • Password reset / Unlock SAP users
  • Automation of 20+ Operations in TCode PFCG

Benefits for Managers

Manage Large SAP landscape with fewer
SAP security resources and reduced budget
for your SAP security team.


Benefits for SAP security Admins

Your SAP security team will be more productive
and manage large SAP Landscape with fewer resources
through Role automation.

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