SAP License Saver

SAP License Challenges

  • SAP License auditing / violation are more expensive than actual License cost at negotiated price with SAP
  • SAP provided a very vague definition for named user License type and indirect access usage
  • More SAP customers are exposed to SAP License auditing these days.
  • SAP is on the verge to enforce License compliance more than ever
  • SAP License cost is the major component in IT budget that every customer struggles to keep it down
  • Manual adoption of SAP License management is a waste of human resources and time resulting in license compliance risk.

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Our Solution

The AuditBOT License Saver tool analyzes all the users in the SAP system(s) and identifies the amount of time each user spends including executed TCodes in the system. From this data, the tool recommends precise license type for each user especially Professional users which is very expensive. The process also highlights the users who are not assigned to the right license type. The tool simulates the reclassified user licenses as per the recommendations and highlights the cost savings for the company. The tool also highlights dormant users, casual users who can be either locked (or) reclassified with inexpensive license type.

Finally, AuditBOT saves up to 40% SAP license cost and optimizes SAP user license distribution using License Saver tool. Real-time analysis and precise SAP license type classification for every user helps companies in reducing time and cost of license audits for SAP as well as the overall cost paid to SAP on a yearly basis.

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Key Benefits

  • Guaranteed up to 40% License savings and avoid purchasing of additional Licenses
  • 100% License compliance as well as 100% License Optimization
  • Leverage with SAP to purchase additional SAP software and S/4 Hana migration
  • Recoup your SAP License from Locking Dormant users, terminated Employees and Duplicate SAP users
  • Precise License recommendation for every SAP user and SAP Role
  • Minimize Ongoing SAP License Administration Overheads
  • Avoid costly mistakes with ‘WHAT IF’ PLANNING with time-consuming
    Manual / Guess work
  • Indirect Usage Tracking and recommendation

Benefits for Executives

Verify the user assignment of precise SAP
license types and used them efficiently
based on user activity such as Executed
transactions and document postings.


Benefits for Managers

Verify the expensive SAP named user
license types are optimally utilized to avoid
unbudgeted SAP License cost for under licensing


Benefits for SAP security Admins

Verify the customer is License compliant
as per SAP License terms and get clear
understanding of SAP license cost
distribution to SAP users/roles

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