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SAP Security Analyzer

Current Problem

As an internal auditor for an organization with SAP ECC System, the challenge is to have a quick way to monitor the risk of the system. Most commonly the SAP security issues are highlighted during the external audit and then the companies have to hire some expensive consultants to remediate the risk. But monitoring the system day to day without the help of technical people is a challenge for the Internal consultants. Most often the same problems reappear during the subsequent audits and the company spends a huge amount of money and resources to fix this problem and it could an expensive one. Most companies keep on ignoring the problem till the issue becomes big and costs them a huge bill.

Our Solution

SAP Security Audit User-Related Information

The tool analyzes all the users in the system and identifies users who are in violation of your company policy. This could be a user who is never logged to the system but never locked or user with SAP Profiles or SAP Roles.  This analysis gives the internal auditor some idea about the problem areas he needs to tackle.

Audit SAP Security Audit for Role Related Information

The tool checks all the roles and clearly identifies the number of roles in each category. It also highlights the roles which are not compliant and have excess access. The internal auditor gets a good idea about the roles and also can quickly identify the problem child’s. A most common issue is role being built but not used and not following the role naming standards.

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