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SAP Transaction Usage Analyzer

Current Problem

Most of the companies that implement SAP systems use somewhere between 1000 to 2000 transactions but have more than 90,000 transactions in the system. It is good to know which transactions are being heavily used and which are not being used. There are logs in SAP which track activities but there is no easy way of accessing those logs and compiling the information. This tool tracks all the transactions performed in the system and acts as SAP Controls management tool.

Our Solution

Benefits of Tracking SAP Transaction Usage for SAP Application Controls

Develop a Testing Plan

Once the company reviews their transactions, they can design and refocus their training on the heavily used transactions in the SAP System.

SAP Application Controls on Role Design

The report can also highlight some of the unused transactions in the system that belongs to roles. This will give the internal audit team information to use as they clean up some of the roles which have transactions which are not being used. This will act as a SAP Control for cleaning up unused and excessive transaction user access.

SAP Transaction Usage Analyzer- RBE Tool

Upgrade Planning

During upgrading, one of the problems is to identify the transactions which are affected during that upgrade. Armed with the transaction usage data, the audit team can compare the transactions which are affected during the upgrade and focus on testing those transactions.

Tracking Transaction Usage

The Internal Audit Team, with these SAP Application Controls, can also see which groups of people are using the transactions. For example, the internal audit team can use these SAP Controls to see how many people other than Human resources are using HR transactions.


  • Has an easy report that displays the transactions used by the user for the specified number of days.
  • Tracks the transactions used in jobs or sessions.
  • Investigates transaction failures and repeated attempts.

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