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SAP User Lock Manager

Current Problem

Problem: SAP Risk

Many companies have the policy to lock the users who are not using the system after a certain number of days, usually 60 days or 90 days. But this is a manual process and has inherent audit SAP risk because it is irregular at best. The audit SAP risk of leaving the dormant user in the system can be any combination of the following:

  • The User may have left the company but still trying to access the system
  • Other people may copy the access of the dormant users
  • When the dormant user returns, the proper approval may be lacking to get that person the correct access
  • The unlocked user costs the company a license cost even though he is not productive in the system
  • Some of the users may be using the system intermittently and they may be locked without any forewarning

Our Solution

Reduce Audit SAP Risk with User Lock Manger

  • Save user license costs by locking users and avoid unnecessarily paying for users who are not using the system
  • Users who have left the company cannot log-in to the system
  • Users cannot get access by mirroring locked users

Remove Audit SAP Risk with User Lock Manager


The auto audit lock manager scans the user who have been inactive or dormant for a specific number of days and locks them. Following are the options available:

  • Just lock the user
  • Lock the user and move to specific user group
  • Lock the user and expire the user’s roles
  • Lock the user and remove the user’s roles
  • Exclude a certain user or user group
  • Email user a specific number of days before they are locked to give them a chance to log-in and save their user ID from getting locked
  • Email a list of locked users to system administrators
  • Backup the role assignment of the users whose roles were removed to enable reverting back the roles if needed.
  • All these features will remove the audit risk by consistently cleaning up the user in the system

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