User Provisioning

User Provisioning Challenges

  • Manual user provisioning procedures affect employee productivity and exposes your organization to compliance risk.
  • SAP customers take average of 5 business days to complete user provisioning per user manually.
  • Loss of Employee productivity affects Organization’s performance until someone creates their user id in SAP system
  • Lack of proper IT controls in User Provisioning which lead to numerous SOD violations resulting higher auditing and compliance cost.

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key benefits

  • Efficient management of User management / Roles assignment
  • Improve the productivity of every player involved in User Provisioning
  • Automation of User provisioning with SOD risk analysis minimizes security risk
  • Minimize Ongoing IT Service Desk costs

Benefits for Managers

Achieve fast SAP system access to your
employees with increased productivity
and less administrative cost.


Benefits for SAP security Admins

Your SAP security team will be more
productive through automation of User


Benefits for Auditors

Verify SAP access to every SAP user is
controlled by proper tracking requests and
approvals to meet the compliance

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